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Sunday, March 13, 2005

DSPI's SEM Editors, 2003

Scholastic Enhancement Materials (SEM) are the supplementary high-school and elementary magazines published by Diwa Scholastic Press Inc., Philippines:

  • Bato Balani: Science & Technology for High School
  • Salaguinto: Science & Technology for Elementary
  • Magica: English Grammar & Literature for High School
  • Abracadabra: English Grammar & Literature for Elementary
  • Tatsulok: Mathematics for High School
  • Mathalino: Mathematics for Elementary
  • Tambuli: Filipino for High School
  • Kaluskos: Filipino for Elementary
  • Damayan: Cultural & Social Studies for High School
  • Alitaptap: Cultural & Social Studies for Elementary
  • Buhawi: Physical Education, Health, Music & Arts for High School
  • Hagibis: Physical Education, Health, Music & Arts for Elementary
  • Batingaw: Values Education for High School
  • Punla: Values Education for Elementary

Below are some of my fellow SEM editors during my time at Diwa's Editorial Department (2000–2003):

Cristopher "Bopip" Creo, Loriedith "Lorie" Meneses, Jayge William Salvan, Elline "Line" Perey, and Gina Lagramada.

Bopip was the editor of Alitaptap; Lorie, of Kaluskos and Tambuli, Jayge, Salaguinto; Line, Mathalino; and Gina, Tatsulok.

I used to handle Bato Balani, Abracadabra, and Magica.


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